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We empower organizations and communities with cutting-edge satellite data analysis and AI solutions to drive sustainable and impactful decisions towards a healthier planet.

Our services

  • Image classification: AI algorithms can be used to automatically classify satellite images into different categories, such as forests, wetlands, and grasslands.
  • Object detection: AI can be used to identify and track specific objects in satellite images, such as wildlife, habitats, and conservation sites.
  • Change detection: AI algorithms can be used to detect changes in land cover over time, such as deforestation or degradation of ecosystems.
  • Predictive modeling: AI can be used to create predictive models of biodiversity and ecosystem health, based on satellite data and other sources of information.
  • Data analysis and visualization: AI algorithms can be used to analyze and visualize satellite data, helping to identify patterns and trends that may be useful for decision-making in conservation and ecosystem management.