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Satellite Data Analysis
for Bioiversity Insights

Revolutionizing Ecosystem Restoration and Nature Conservation

About us

This is who we are

Our goal is to provide a high-tech approach to biodiversity preservation and carbon sequestration.

Our approach

This is how we see it

Our services will lead to real, measurable impact for the environment and the economy.


This is what we can do

Utilizing satellite data analysis and AI models, we offer a cutting-edge solution for nature-based carbon projects.


Who we are

By leveraging AI and satellite data, we can provide more accurate, timely, and cost-effective assessments of biodiversity and ecosystem health, helping to support conservation efforts and informed decision-making.

We provide clients with accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data essential for successful conservation projects. With our expertise and technology, we help ensure the longevity of biodiversity and protect our planet's ecosystems.

Our mission

To empower organizations and communities with cutting-edge satellite data analysis and AI solutions to drive sustainable and impactful decisions towards a healthier planet."

Our services

  • Image classification: AI algorithms can be used to automatically classify satellite images into different categories, such as forests, wetlands, and grasslands.
  • Object detection: AI can be used to identify and track specific objects in satellite images, such as wildlife, habitats, and conservation sites.
  • Change detection: AI algorithms can be used to detect changes in land cover over time, such as deforestation or degradation of ecosystems.
  • Predictive modeling: AI can be used to create predictive models of biodiversity and ecosystem health, based on satellite data and other sources of information.
  • Data analysis and visualization: AI algorithms can be used to analyze and visualize satellite data, helping to identify patterns and trends that may be useful for decision-making in conservation and ecosystem management.